Syncromune’s unique technology is being developed to optimize anti-tumor responses by combining tumor lysis with fixed-dose combination intratumoral immunotherapy

Fixed-Dose Combination Intratumoral Approach

New approach under development to significantly reduce tumor resistance and enhance an anti-cancer response

Pioneering a Technology Platform

Therapy can be used to treat multiple types of metastatic solid tumors

Targets Multiple Mechanisms

Developing drugs with 4 active ingredients designed to address the multiple immunosuppressive mechanisms of cancer



Systemic Delivery Has Limitations

Systemic delivery of immunotherapy requires large doses which can lead to undesired off-target effects. The ability to combine multiple agents is limited, as it may increase the risk of toxicities.

Diffuse Disease

Late stage cancers have shown to be largely resistant to conventional surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy due to their anatomically diffuse localization in different organs.

Immunosuppressive Mechanisms

Many tumors exhibit multiple immunosuppressive mechanisms in the tumor microenvironment that limit T cell functions and present numerous challenges.

Diverse Tumor Antigens

Several tumors display broad antigenic diversity that limits the effectiveness of antigen-specific tumor vaccination approaches.



An Intratumoral Combination Approach to Overcoming Tumor Complexity

The Syncrovax™ platform is a next generation cancer therapy that is designed to optimize anti-tumor responses via a combination approach of tumor lysis and fixed-dose intratumoral immunotherapy with multiple active ingredients. This new approach to treating cancer aims to overcome the immunosuppressive characteristics of metastatic cancers and the limitations of current cancer therapies.

In addition, Syncrovax™ is being developed to utilize a low dose of immunotherapeutic agents with a high concentration which can reduce the combined toxicities observed when multiple drugs of the same classes are combined and administered systemically.



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