Target Cancers


Our platform technology, Syncrovax™, has the potential to treat numerous types of metastatic solid tumors due to the fact its mechanism of action is not dependent on the solid tumor cancer type or the specific tumor antigens they express.  The technology therefore has the ability to be applied in several different therapeutic areas.  Our primary goal is to develop a new intratumoral cancer immunotherapy that is effective in late-stage cancers where there are not currently any viable treatment options. The cancers below can be treated with the Syncrovax™ therapy. Our initial focus is prostate cancer, breast cancer, and NSC lung cancer.

Prostate Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 34,500

Breast Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 43,250

NSC Lung Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 130,180

Pancreatic Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 49,830

Ovarian Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 12,810

Bladder Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 17,100

Renal Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 13,920

Colon Cancer

2022 U.S. deaths: 52,580


2022 U.S. deaths: 7,650

Cancer Therapy Powered by You™

Syncromune is a uniquely focused on developing a novel personalized intratumoral immunotherapy that utilizes a patient’s own tumor antigens to create an in situ vaccine and fight metastatic cancer throughout the body.

Source:  American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2022. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2022.